Digital Campaign Tuneup

Get your campaign's digital presence ready for election season.


Is your digital campaign ready to win?

The Digital Campaign Tuneup offers a comprehensive review of your website performance, email delivery, and SEO. With a custom report and step-by-step instructions, you can optimize your online presence, ensure voters find your campaign, and improve supporter engagement and donations.

Can voters find your campaign online?

We'll review your campaign's digital presence on Google Search and social media to ensure you're reaching voters at the moment of interest.

Is your website up to the task?

We'll rigorously test your website to make sure it's loading quickly, signup forms are working, and your content is optimized for Google Search.

Are your emails reaching inboxes?

We'll make sure your campaign's email program is authenticated and complies with Google's new bulk sender requirements.


What's Included:

  • 15-point performance inspection

  • Custom report with optimization recommendations

  • Detailed instructions to implement improvements